Masking prevents Hypstory tags from being processed.

This is useful if you want to use characters in your text that are valid Hypstory tags or if you create tutorials about how Hypstory works.

Mask Hypstory tags

Mask text with valid Hypstory tags by putting it in double backslashes: \\ ... \\.

:CARD: hypstorizza

\\:IF: alfonsoMadeYourPizza || francescaMadeYourPizza
You would be \\**very lucky**\\ __indeed__.

The entire :IF: line is masked by the double backslash in front. It will not be processed and have no effect on following lines.

Also, very lucky has bold tags. But because it is masked with an opening and a closing double backslash it does not appear bold and the double asterisks remain visible. However, indeed, which comes after the closing backslash, is not affected by the masking.

Workflow tip: You can omit the closing tag backslashes if everything after the opening backslashes should be masked.

Practice tip: Try deleting all double backslashes (\\) and see what happens. If the result surprises you, read up on check lines.

Make sure not to confuse double backslashes \\ and double slashes //. The first are used for masking, while the second format your text as italic.