Paragraphs are lines of text. In Hypstory they can also contain basic text formatting, links, and variable outputs.

Create a paragraph

To create a paragraph simply start a new line and write some text. That's all.

:CARD: paragraph container

This is my first paragraph.

And this is my second one, which looks like it spans a couple of lines. But as long as I do not hit enter it's still paragraph #2.

By the way, pizza is awesome.

Each paragraph you write must be inside a card. Otherwise it will not be displayed.

Practice tip: Try changing anything below line 1 in the source text above. Then hit update and see what happens.

Empty lines

During writing you will probably want to structure your text visually with empty lines. You can use as many as you like. They will not be displayed as empty lines in your Hypstory.

If you do want an empty line to be displayed in your Hypstory, simply put a slash on a new line.

:CARD: slash experiment

This is some pizza-related text.

The empty line before this paragraph is invisible.
Before this paragraph there's a line with a slash. It shows up in your Hypstory as an empty line.

The slash must be the only character on the empty line.

Workflow tip: To visually structure your source text you can also use tabs. They won't show up in your Hypstory either.