Print Value

There are two ways to print stored values and generated values directly into your Hypstory.

Print a value

You can write the label of a value anywhere inside a paragraph. The value will be printed in its place.

:CARD: happiness

:STORE: $pizzaCounter = 5

"Wow, I gotta say, you do look happy today," Francesca points out.

"Why, yes. It's because I've had $pizzaCounter of your delicious pizzas this month already. And I'm going for another."

Every label for a value – stored or generated – has to start with a dollar sign $.

Print a calculation result

You can also print the result of calculations directly into your Hypstory. Just write your formula inside a print tag.

:CARD: pizza sum

:STORE: ($thisMonth = 6) ($lastMonth = 8)

"Let's see, you've had $thisMonth pizzas this month and $lastMonth pizzas last month. That makes a total of :PRINT: $thisMonth + $lastMonth :: pizzas in the last three weeks!" Francesca says.

"Do you think that's too much?"

"No, not at all. Alfonso had **:PRINT: $thisMonth+$lastMonth + 6 ::**. And I think that's fine."

Inside the print tag you can use simple arithmetic, such as +, -, *, / and parentheses ().

Any formatting, such as bold or italic, is not allowed inside a print tag. If you need to format your calculation result, just put formatting tags around it like in line 5 above.

Workflow tip: The result of the calculation inside the print tag does not get stored under any label name. If you need the result of a calculation later, write it in a store line and print the stored value directly.

Workflow tip: Instead of :PRINT: ... :: you can write double dollar signs $$ around your calculation. Hence, in line 3 above you can write $$ $thisMonth + $lastMonth $$ and it will work the same way.