Notes blocks are containers for anything you would like to jot down while writing your Hypstory.

While it is possible to use notes blocks manually, you will most likely use the note panel that is directly integrated in the write interface.

Define a notes block

Think of a notes block as a special kind of card. However, whatever is inside a notes block will not show up in your Hypstory.

# a card
I know an awesome pizza recipe. But where is the stack of notes I put it in? ||Maybe here?|another card

Pizza dough:
*6 T olive oil
*250 g warm water
*7 g instant yeast
*500 g spelt flour (or any other white flour)
*1 t salt

Margherita topping:
*1 T olive oil
*250 g mozzarella
*350 g sieved tomatoes
*some salt
*fresh basil leaves

# another card
No, not here. Darn.

You can put anything inside your notes block. There is no maximum length to notes blocks.

Notes get stored inside your Hypstory text file when you download it via the "load" area of the write page. If you upload a Hypstory text file, your notes will be displayed in the "note" area.

Be careful not to put anything inside your notes that defines a new card. Because cards work on the same level as note blocks. Consequently, starting a new card ends the notes block.