Writing Interface Help

This is the Hypstory writing interface. Here you'll find everything you need for creating your story.

Source text area

On the left there's the source text area where you write your story. This is where you can use all the tags Hypstory provides for creating interactive text. Visit the Hypstory Learn Section for more information.

Hypstory area

On the right you'll find the Hypstory area with a few buttons at the bottom. Here, you can preview the text you wrote on the left as a Hypstory by hitting the update button. Use this often to test your work.

Useful Helpers

On the right margin there are a few more tools to help you with creating your Hypstory:

  • cheat: Consult the cheatsheet whenever you need a tag or an illustrative example.
  • note: Put down some notes while writing your Hypstory. Your notes will be stored when you download your Hypstory as a TXT file in the load panel. They will be restored to the note panel when you upload your Hypstory from a TXT file.
  • load: Download your Hypstory from the editor into a TXT file and store it on your device. Or upload a TXT file into the editor to continue writing. There's also an autosave in case you press the wrong key at some point. It gets updated every 10 minutes.
  • finish: Finish your Hypstory by downloading it as a fully playable standalone HTML file that works in every browser.





Tags: :CARD:, #

:CARD: cardname

# cardname |start


Any new line inside a card that does not start with a Hypstory tag will be displayed as a text paragraph.


Tags: :LINK:, :L:, ||

:LINK: Linktext | Target ::

|| Linktext | Target ||

Advanced Links

Append Link

Tags: :APPEND:, :A:; :LINK:, :L:, ||

:APPEND: Linktext | Target ::

:LINK: Linktext | Target | append ::

Link Overflow

Tags: :LINK:, :L:, ||, :APPEND:, :A:

:LINK: Linktext | Target | 2 ::

|| Linktext | Target | append | 1 ||

Line Manipulation


Tags: :SHUFFLE:, :SH:


:SHUFFLE: 2 2 2


Tag: :PICK:

:PICK: 3

:PICK: 2 2 2|keep

:PICK: 2 2 0|after



:RND: 60|1 40|1

:RND: (40|2) (40|2) (20|0|lose)

:RND: (60|2|lose) (40|2|lose) (0|after)


Tags: :INCLUDE:, :INC:

:INCLUDE: cardName

:INCLUDE: cardName next (another card)



Tags: :SWITCH:, :SW:

:SWITCH: switchname

:SWITCH: toggle +alwaysOn -alwaysOff

Store Value

Tags: :STORE:, :ST:

:STORE: $money = 10

:STORE: $favoriteCook = Francesca

:STORE: $counter + 1

Generate Value

Ranged random number: $rn(min,max)

Roll a die: $roll(dieSize)

Number of card visits: $visits(cardname)

Print Value

Tags: $, :PRINT:, $$


:PRINT: $valueLabelName + 5 ::


Tags: :CHECK:, :IF:

:CHECK: switchname

:CHECK: $favoriteCook == Francesca

:CHECK: ($money >= 5) || switchname   | 2

Text Layout


Tags: :I:, //, :U:, __, :B:, **

:I:italic text::

__underlined text__



Tag: ((

(( Comment text


Tag: \\

\\**not bold (with tags)**\\

Story Meta

Tag: :META:



Tag: :NOTES:


Load Hypstory Files





Click to upload a Hypstory TXT file or drag and drop the file here.

Load Autosave

Next autosave in
Oh no! Undo loading and get the old text back!!!

Do not rely on your browser for storing your work reliably. Instead, download it to your device at least once a day.

Finish your Hypstory

You are done with your Hypstory and want to make it available for everyone to read? Great!

Just download the fully playable Hypstory HTML file. It can be uploaded to any server or hosting platform and played in every browser.

Please be aware that a Hypstory HTML file cannot be restored to the Hypstory editor. This measure is in place to limit how others can reuse your intellectual property.